Elixir Interactive Review: Building Your Brand


Anyone who has started their own business has at some pointed dreamed of becoming “the next big one”, of their brand being known and recognized across the globe. As nice at that sounds, it takes more work than that. Products and services can be duplicated and, over time, fade away but it is your brand that will last.

Branding of course starts with the name. It should be memorable and easy to pronounce and hopefully not conjure up any negative connotations. It is important to research any cultural meanings behind the word or words before you make any decisions and unintentionally alienate a portion of your potential clientele.

Once you have your brand established you can work with a marketing company like Elixir Interactive to get your name out there. They can help you target key areas to advertise in, based on your target demographic, as well as utilize social networking, and search engine optimization.

You want to be the first company that people think of when they are thinking about the product and services that you offer. A brand is more than having the best products and services as well as optimum customer service, it is that feeling of rightness and authority that people get when they think of you. And with a well-formulated plan, you’ll get there.