topseos Identifies Elixir Interactive as One of the Top 10 Reputation Management Firms for the Month of November, 2010


Elixir Interactive is named a superlative reputation management firm in the month of November, 2010 by topseos.

November 23, 2010 – Scottsdale, AZ — Elixir Interactive has secured the 7th rank on this month’s list of the Top 10 reputation management firms. The monthly rankings list published by topseos is a guide to the cream of the crop internet marketing vendors in the industry. They also received the same recognition in October 2010.

“Elixir Interactive is honored by this recognition from topseos and we will continue to work hard to maintain and go beyond this position that we have secured”, said Fionn Downhill, President of Elixir Interactive.

Elixir Interactive is included in this list for its consistent performance and the superior services rendered to its clients.

topseos seeks out the leading firms in the industry through a rigorous evaluation criteria that includes:

o Competitive advantage
o Superior services and pricing
o Customer and technical support
o Response to client problems
o Innovations that set it apart from the competition
o Overall efficiency
o Overall performance

As part of the evaluation process, clients of Elixir Interactive are asked to give feedback on general and project specific questions such as:

o Rate your overall experience.
o What type of needs analysis was conducted before work initiated?
o How were your organizational goals aligned with the reputation management activities?
o What activities are put into place to enhance your online relations?
o How are reputation management activities reported and documented?

“The whole industry looks to us to identify reliable and accurate benchmarks and Elixir Interactive has proven by its performance that they deserve to be on this coveted list”, shared Jeev Trika, Partner at topseos.

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About Elixir Interactive

Elixir Interactive is a leading online reputation management and search engine optimization company based in Scottsdale, AZ. They have worked with companies all over the world in a variety of industries to improve their brand reputation, optimize their online assets, and improve their web presence. Elixir can be reached by calling 602-494-6326 or by visiting their website at

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