Do Press Releases still work for SEO?


Do Press Releases still work for SEO?

In light of the recent Google Panda and Penguin algorithm updates, many people are wondering whether press releases can still help optimize a website’s search engine ranking. Google is determined to squash any quick SEO tricks and it appears irrelevant press releases with bad backlinks are on the top of their hit list.

SEO professionals have been relying on press releases since the beginning of internet marketing. Online marketers would develop a compelling press release, distribute it through as many channels as possible, and then wait for their site to pick up thousands of backlinks. The press releases would contain an overabundance of specific keywords that would also help boost their search engine ranking.

Still a Great Way to Establish Backlinks

Many marketing professionals still strongly believe that press releases are a great way to quickly establish numerous authoritative links back to a website as a method of supporting their SEO efforts. The success of press releases, however, depends on why and how they are created. Problems arise when the press release distribution model is overused to the point of exploitation or harassment.

The internet is filled with an abundance of information and advertorials. Mass press releases created purely to improve SEO were becoming such a nuisance Google felt it was necessary to tighten up the guidelines. This does not mean it will give legitimate press releases a poor ranking.

Worthy Press Releases will Boost Rankings

Google’s updates were meant to control the online chaos and bring value back to the content in press releases. A press release should be a newsworthy story that readers on that particular website would be interested in learning more about. It should be well-written and it should never sound like an advertorial.

Press releases are great tools for announcing new developments in a company or celebrating special milestones. They should provide new information to the reader and also be relevant to your product, service, or business. Always remember that a press release is not the same as a blog. It must have a specific message that needs to be conveyed.

Customize Press Releases for Channel Segments

A good tip for ensuring your press release works to enhance your SEO efforts is customizing it to each different distribution channel. For example, if you run an accounting firm and your press release is being written to announce a new addition to your firm, you can create several versions of the press release to suit different types of channels.

If you are sending the press release to a corporate business website, it should address the accountant’s business finance background. If it is being sent to sites that offer personal tax advice, the press release could discuss the accountant’s tax preparation experience. It is also a good idea to send the press release to only reputable channels that are related to your field.

Press Releases Still Work for SEO

All press releases should be a professionally written and informative article that would appeal to bloggers, journalists, and a website’s target audience. This simple strategy will prove that press releases still work for SEO despite the Google algorithm updates.


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