Elixir Interactive Releases Case Study Documenting How Smear Campaigns Can Destroy a Brand’s Online Reputation


Elixir Interactive has released a case study, “Brands Under Attack,” detailing on how to recognize and deal with an aggressive smear campaign designed to destroy an online reputation.

July 26, 2010 – Scottsdale, AZ – Elixir Interactive has published a detailed case study documenting the methodical and aggressive tactics that can be used to damage online reputations.  “Brands Under Attack” highlights how easy it is for a brand or individual to have their online reputation destroyed.  It catalogs a recent attack against Elixir, which was part of a larger strike on the top online reputation management companies.  The case study also provides advice and best practice steps that companies can take to counter such an attack.

“No one’s reputation is safe online,” stated Elixir CEO Fionn Downhill. “As an Online Reputation Management(ORM) company we have spent years advising clients on how to avoid these situations only to find ourselves the subject of a vicious and systematic attack.”  Downhill went on to explain that without a working knowledge of ORM, a company could easily find the search engine results for their brand filled with complaints and bad reviews, scaring off potential customers or even investors.

“The anonymity of the many complaint and review sites makes it easy for someone to malign an otherwise solid company’s good name.”  Downhill continued, “Many complaint sites exist simply to make money off the content generated by anonymous posters.  They have no interest in whether a complaint is accurate or a complete fabrication.” This leaves even ORM companies at the mercy of those willing to create false reports.

“Brands Under Attack” provides guidelines for generating a diverse and varied web presence as well as explaining the steps a company can take to counter bogus complaints and what to look for if they decide to hire a reputation management company.  There is also information on how the current laws for the digital world can hamper a company’s attempts to remove fictitious reviews.  The complete case study is available at www.elixirinteractivecomplaints.com.

About Elixir Interactive

Elixir Interactive is online reputation management and search engine optimization company that was established in 2003. Over the years, their team of specialists have helped brands and individuals in a wide range of different industries to improve their web presence.  Elixir Interactive is located in Scottsdale, Arizona.  They can be reached at 602-494-6326 or through their website at  http://www.elixirinteractive.com.