Top PR Firms in US


Public relations, whether you own a business or are a high profile person, is a fundamental part of managing your public profile and maintaining a positive reputation.  Attorney Dorman Eaton first coined the phrase, public Online PRrelations, during a speech at Yale University in 1882.  Although its history is relatively short in regards to some professions it has grown quickly and is expected to increase nearly 25% in the next decade.

New York is the epicenter of arts and business so it’s logically the hub of the public relations world as well.  Many of the nations top PR firms are based in the city to allow them quick and easy access to clients and media outlets.

The PR firm to top multiple lists as the number one firm is Edelman.  Although it is NY-based it is the largest PR firm in the world, boasting 67 offices worldwide, and taking in over $700 million in revenue in 2013. Edelman has also been groundbreaking in their methods; the first PR firm to have a website and the first to build consumer brands through PR.  With this much success an impressive list of clients is expected; Microsoft, MTV, PayPal, and PepsiCo. just to name a few.

Being a top PR firm is about more than just bringing in the most money.  In the world of PR power and influence are important assets to have.  DKC, founded in 1991, has established a reputation of being one of the smartest PR firms and it shows.  They experienced 40% growth from 2009-2012, some of the toughest years of the recession.  They have expanded to offer a wide range of services to their clients, which include Citi Group, Esquire, and the Dr. Oz Show, and accomplish their goals in new and innovative ways.

The field of public relations is consistently growing but being the firm with the most money doesn’t always make them the most effective.  Power and influence are often the more valuable tools to have in hand when managing the reputation of a high profile client, and with success the money is sure to follow.


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